Second Mortgage

Need more cash to pay off debts or to fund your business venture?  Valueland has the solutions for you.

There are situations that you will need private second mortgages:

  • Your bank has turned down your loan request.
  • You are unable to obtain financing from other sources.
  • You are self employed or you cannot show your income to banks.
  • You may have had some credit problems in the past.
  • You may need money quick and for a short term.
  • You want to consolidate debts to avoid high interest rate credit cards.

At Valueland Mortgages, we have direct access to private lenders for quick response and fast funding. 

With a second mortgage, a typical borrower would pay a rate between 10% and 13% and lender/broker fees. If you are considered a high risk borrower then you can expect to pay a little more.

The amount of your second mortgage depends on how much you need, the existing mortgage(s) on your property and your capability to repay the mortgages.

For quick answers to your questions on your second mortgage application, please contact us.