Privacy and Security

Privacy Statement
Your privacy is very important and protected by Valueland.
Valueland respects your privacy and values your trust.
In order to apply for a mortgage, you must provide your names, e-mail and addresses, telephone numbers, income/employment and other personal and financial data. Valueland will only use your information for the purpose of obtaining your mortgage. Your information is never disclosed to any parties not related to your application or for any other reasons. Valueland does not and will not sell, rent or barter mailing lists of our clients.
For the sole purpose of getting your best mortgage, Valueland may transmit your information to respective mortgage lenders or other entities and use this information to communicate with you.
Valueland does not collect the names or addresses of visitors to the Valueland web site through website tracking.
Valueland follows strict guidelines and government regulations to protect your personal information.

At Valueland, your privacy is a high priority. We do everything we can to safe guard your personal information.