Mortgage Process

Getting your mortgages from Valueland saves you time and money. At Valueland, we have made your mortgage application process simple.  If you follow these eight steps, there will be no surprises and your mortgage closing will be smooth.

Process with A Pre-Approved Mortgage

Step 1: Review Mortgage Plans and Evaluate Personal Situation with Valueland

Step 2: Apply for A Pre-approval for Your Mortgage Amount

Step 3: Receive Your Mortgage Pre-approval

Step 4: Purchase Your Home

Step 5: Contact Valueland to Turn the Pre-approval into An Approval

Process without A Pre-Approved Mortgage

Step 5A: Complete the Mortgage Application Form

Step 6B: Review and Sign the Mortgage Papers

Step 7C: Submit Supporting Documents

Step 8D: Register Your Mortgage By Your Lawyer

FINAL: You Now Have Your Home or Mortgage Process Complete

Some steps may be skipped or followed in different order depending on your individual situation. If you need further information, please contact Valueland at your convenience.